Shawn Flowers Specht

As a certified Emotion Code Practitioner, Ayurveda Health Coach, and Guide, my expertise guides clients to feel happier, healthier, and freer.

At a young age, I began learning mind-body techniques from my father (a holistic Chiropractor), which inspired me to obtain a B.S. in Health and Human Performance. Within my degree I studied psychology, anatomy, physiology, nutrition, chemistry, and biology.

With an educational background in the field of modern western medicine, and hands on experience in holistic alternative medicine, I chose a path to find my own way to help people in deep transformation and healing. I have years of experience with meditation, and have deepened my studies with consistent practice and focused courses (10-Day Vipassana). I combine over a decade of study in western mental/emotional health, eastern meditation practice, and SVA Ayurveda to address imbalances on every level- body, mind, and spirit. I love guiding through exploration of mindfulness, nature connection, and performing arts. My work is inspired by Nonviolent Communication and The Work That Reconnects.

Are you ready for a personalized healing journey?

“Working with Shawn was such a nurturing experience. The concept of facing and acknowledging past emotions that have been stored for years, can be intimidating. However, Shawn’s guidance and expertise with the subtle process made this experience very welcoming and healing.”

-Megg W.